About Us


Quiyk is an athletic apparel company founded on quality and a desire to innovate. We strive to make products that are a little different from everything else out there. We make our gear with function, comfort and style in mind.

It is our mission to inspire all athletes to reach their potential through thoughtfully and passionately constructed performance wear. Currently we specialize in Quidditch apparel and Performance Wear.


Quiyk was born not from necessity but from a desire to create, improve, and push the boundaries. With an attitude of “why not,” Emerson College students Eric Wahl and Matt Lowe founded an athletic apparel company with the ultimate goal of standardizing and legitimizing the sport of Muggle Quidditch. Quiyk launched at the 2012 Quidditch World Cup and as the official apparel provider for the International Quidditch Association; as the sport grows so does Quiyk.

Fall 2009 – Eric and Matt first meet. On a blind tennis date set up by their mothers.
Summer 2010 – The idea for Quiyk is born after a solid evening of pickleball in Seattle, WA. Designs are drawn, a domain name is purchased, a twitter is launched. All of which remain dormant for many months.
Spring 2011 – The first snitch short prototypes are completed and sent to the IQA.
Summer 2011 – Production starts full time on the 1st Quiyk product line in Seattle, WA. Matt sends Eric designs from Ethiopia. Eric drives a lot.
November 2011 – The official company launch takes place at the 5th Annual Quidditch World Cup in New York City. At the two day tournament, Quiyk sells out of almost its entire inventory and has the best time ever. Pictures [here].
Spring 2012 – The company is featured in many local publications and start up events such The Boston Business Journal, Boston.com, Boston Beta, and PopStart. Eric and Matt also add Nadav Swarttz who puts the team on his back and Ryan Catalani, who is a web based wizard.


Matt Lowe
Co Founder/Creative Director
Matt Lowe is an incoming senior at Emerson College. He is majoring in film and minoring in Entrepreneurship. Born and raised in Seattle, WA, Matt loves playing Quidditch and running marathons (seriously). He also enjoys building sandcastles, finding starfish, and digging for clams.

Eric Wahl
Co Founder/Production Director
Eric is entering his senior year at Emerson College. Majoring in Marketing Communication and minoring in Business Studies. In addition to founding Quiyk, Eric is a member of the Emerson College men’s basketball team. In his free time he enjoys skiing and wakeboarding, as well as long walks on the beach and reading classic pieces of literature.

Nadav Swarttz
Director of New Business
Nadav was born and raised in Newton, Ma. He has always had a passion for business and startups, and joined the Quiyk team in January. Nadav loves Boston sports, dogs and a good BBQ. He also enjoys playing ping-pong, poorly.

Ryan Catalani
Director of Web Development
One word: Boss.


Quality is the most important feature in every single Quiyk garment. Each one of our shirts and shorts begins as a roll of 92% polyester 8% spandex. The fabric is moisture wicking and anti-microbial, and each shirt and pair of shorts are rack stitched for added strength and durability. All garments also utilize tagless sizing and custom wash care labels.


Making a quiyk garment begins with an idea. Matt, the co-founder and graphic designer and Eric will sit down and try to come up something cool. Simple as that. The idea part of the manufacturing process is definitely the most fun.

Patterns & Fabric
After a design is agreed upon, fabric is ordered. As the fabric is being prepared for shipping, the patterns for the garments are cut, so as soon as the fabric arrives at the sewing company, the garments can get sewn. Each style of shirt or short requires its own pattern.

Printing – Sublimation
Once the rolls of fabric have been turned into actual garments, the goods are delivered to the sublimation printer. Dye sublimation printing is a process in which the garments are placed under a press and images are heat pressed into the physical garment. This process allows the goods to maintain the breathability and feel of a polyester shirt with no print.

Tags & Shipping
After printing is completed, each shirt or short receives its labels and patches, and is boxed. From start to finish, this process takes about a month. The time and care taken on producing a quiyk product is a just a testament to the finished quality of every single good we sell.


International Quidditch Association – Quiyk works directly with the IQA to develop products for the ever growing sport of Quidditch. From team uniforms to Snitch Shorts, it is Quiyk’s goal to help Muggle Quidditch become a worldwide phenomenon. With the support of the governing body of the sport we believe that we will reach this goal and Quiddictch will continue to flourish.